Richer Sites was formed in 2017 by Devon based Rick James. The company was created to cater for small to medium sized businesses who need a no fuss web development service. 

Rick has over 15 years of commercial experience in the IT industry. Starting out as a database administrator in 2003, he has gained a deep knowledge of database architecture which has proved invaluable through the years. After five years as a DBA, he then moved into a programming role, spending two years coding c# applications for a major news corporation. It was after this that Rick moved into web. Having created websites as a side line he decided that web was his future. He loved working with people and enjoyed the challenges it brought.

Now having worked for two major web development agencies, Rick has worked among and managed teams of developers, managed and been involved in creating hundreds of sites working on both back end PHP, ASP.net, Perl, Python and many frameworks. He also has many years experience using front end technologies such as CSS, HTML, SASS, Javascript and JQuery and again has worked with many front end rendering frameworks including  Angular, Vue.js to name just two.

Rick started Richer Sites because he saw a need in the web development space. The need was for a flexible, reasonably priced, agile web development resource that clients could leverage at any time in an adhock way. When agencies fail to deliver due to time or work commitments Richer Sites is available at the drop of the hat to fix those bugs or develop that new feature. The aim is to move heaven and earth to achieve the goal of guaranteeing the client is happy.

Ricks new venture, Richer Sites prides itself on not charge the earth, delivering on time and to budget and being clear and up front with clients right from the get go. Our main objective is to provide the exact web site you need for a reasonable price. To do this we leverage the power of existing frameworks, frameworks like Wordpress and October CMS but we are completely open to explore your needs and to use the most appropriate tools to to meet your goals. As well as new builds, we can provide bespoke development and look into bugs and functionality additions to your existing solutions.

We acknowledge that development does not always go how we plan it and that there will inevitably be obstacles along the way, but if your our client we guarantee you will be kept in the loop at all stages, we will never commit to deadlines we cannot meet and we will always put your needs first, even if it requires us to work through the night to do it, that’s our guarantee to you, the client.

We work very hard, we charge a fair price and we put the clients needs first.

These are some of the things that we are proud our clients have said about us :

RicherSites were absolutely amazing, thank you so much