SEO & Marketing Services

No matter how large or small your business, we can help to boost your site traffic. From increasing unique visitors to reducing bounce rate we offer a range of service which you can tailor to your marketing needs. We have packaged up common tasks into service packages which we can deliver on a contract free, rolling month basis.

SEO & Marketing Services

Marketing Package Bundles

We can offer adhock SEO work at £25/hour or we can arrange one of three, contract free plans as listed below. This way you can monitor the effectiveness of your plan and adjust your monthly spend accordingly.

SEO & Marketing Services

Bronze – 1 hour per month, £25

If you are simply looking for a helping hand managing Google Analytics or need advice on how to set up tracking codes then our bronze, one hour per month package may be just what your looking for.

  • Google analytics management
  • Content review
  • Training

Silver – 3 hours per month £75

Our mid level package is designed for those who need a bit more flexibility. We will review and format your content and even enter it into your CMS for you taking the hassle out of lining up paragraphs in an editor! We will also submit your new pages to be indexed and suggest directories where we can submit your new pages so they are found more easily.

  • Link Submission
  • Content formatting
  • Content entry
SEO & Marketing Services

SEO & Marketing Services

Gold – 5 hours per month £100

If you need maximum visibility for your site then the gold package is for you. We will spend five hours a month working hard to ensure your site has the best possible chance of coming top of the search engines. We will analyse your pages to ensure bounce rate is reduced and unique visitors increase. We will also ensure we hold an up to date backup of both your site files and data for ultimate piece of mind.

Call us today to discuss what we can do for your business. We have a wealth of experience and will be only too happy to discuss you individual business requirements. Let us help you to reach the potential audience your business needs.

Our Sites Are All Fully Responsive

If you choose Richer Sites to create your new site then rest assured it will look beautiful on any device. We only build responsive sites, did you know that 75% of modern web traffic is from mobile devices? We will ensure your site delivers the same experience whether your clients are using a state of the art retina display desktop or last years iPhone. 

SEO & Marketing Services